Getting a Job as a Professional Driver

Thinking about a new career but don’t want to spend years learning a new skill? How about becoming a professional driver? Driving is one of those things we all know how to do but don’t usually consider as a career option. Some people may have shied away from the profession for fear of getting into an accident but becoming a driver is getting safer and safer all the time. According to Bergeron Clifford, a local Ottawa attorney, there has been a marked decrease in injury accidents over the past decade.

There are multiple careers available for someone who enjoys driving including a taxi driver, bus driver, or big rig driver. Here’s the information you need to know about each potential career:

Taxi Driver

If you take pride in being able to find your way around town without a map or GPS then becoming a taxi driver could be a great option for you. Driving a taxi is also great for people who like to talk and get to know new people. A lot of your clients will be tourists who are always looking for recommendations on things to do around town. Give them your card and if you made a good impression they’ll be sure to call you again for a pick-up.

Very little training is needed although you will need to get a license from the city before getting started. Getting licensed is fairly painless but brushing up on Ottawa Road Safety rules beforehand is probably a good idea.

Bus Driver

It used to be that all bus drivers were employed by the government meaning you had to pass a civil service test and likely wait several months before being able to interview. Those days are long gone though as a number of private bus companies have sprung up. These companies take commuters directly to work, the hospital, train station, or anywhere else large numbers of people travel to. People prefer taking private buses because they tend to be in better condition and make fewer stops which means they travel faster.

If you’re interested in becoming a bus driver for either the city or a private operator you’ll need to pass a driving test at the local motor vehicle office and have a clean driving record.

Big Rig Driver

If you’re not particularly fond of other people and don’t mind driving for long periods of time then driving a rig might be the perfect job for you. To get started you’ll need to take a short class, usually a month or less, where you’ll learn how to drive the rig. The class covers everything from learning how to shift to how to make deliveries to how long you’re allowed to drive without taking a break. Driving a truck is a great way to see parts of the country you’d otherwise never get to experience.

There will always be a need for good drivers which means there’s no fear of being replaced by new technology. And if you happen to be injured while driving, even if it was no fault of your own, your first move should be to contact an Ottawa injury lawyer to make sure you get the representation you need.