Having Trouble Finding a Job with Your Art Degree? Think about Healthcare

Have you heard about the expression ‘square peg in a round hole’? This idiomatic expression gives the connotation of a person whose line of education does not match his current job. But the real question is: Is there something wrong with that? With the challenging economic condition that we are facing these days, sticking to your line of the profession may be a daunting experience. At times, there is a need to open your eyes to reality and accept that reality as part of your existence.

Art Degree Job Options

For example, let’s take a look at how people with art degree quickly get a job. For these people, art is everything. It is their passion. People around them may not really understand why they choose the profession but they are just simply following the desire of their heart. However, the sad reality comes in when it’s finally time to look for a job after finishing school. Yes, art can be a broad category. However, the jobs available for the positions related to art are limited. What other options are there for art degree holders then?

Alternative Option – The Healthcare Industry

Who says that the healthcare industry is only for those who studied medicine and medical related courses? In a way, yes there should be proper training before being qualified for a position in the healthcare industry. However, not everybody in the industry is doctors and nurses. There are other positions available for individuals who may not have medical training but are willing to be trained for a specific kind of work and position in the industry. Examples are entry-level jobs in healthcare such as being a Phlebotomist, Nursing Assistant, and many others.

The Rewards

Rather than waiting for a job opening related to your art degree, why not educate yourself on the other side of things? Get some training for healthcare industry related courses. Phlebotomy can be considered a good option. As long as you have a high school diploma, or an equivalent certificate, you can be qualified to get the training needed to apply for a phlebotomy job. Of course, you may need to get more training if you are planning to move up the career ladder. Phlebotomy salaries can also be rewarding. It is also easy to learn and adapt to. No wonder why many people are interested in this kind of job.

The Bottomline

It’s never wrong to follow your dream. Art is a wonderful territory. However, when it comes to being practical, it is also good to educate yourself on things that you can do better to sustain yourself, and perhaps, your family. The healthcare industry is a promising field. This industry has less unemployment. Training is fast and cheap, and the overall experience can be entirely rewarding. Therefore, why not try considering whether this industry may work for you? After all, you will lose nothing by trying. The experience may simply amaze you.